21 Jun

These include technology to assess patients and manage outcomes www.med-drugs.com.

AACN announces Impact Research Grant to handle gaps in clinical research The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses announces the first $50,000 AACN Impact Research Grant to aid clinical inquiry and drive change in high acuity and critical care nursing practice www.med-drugs.com . The new AACN grant money priority tasks that address gaps in scientific research at the organization or system level and translation of the results for the bedside clinician. These include technology to assess patients and manage outcomes; generate healing and humane functions and conditions and systems that optimize high acuity and critical care nursing; manage symptoms management; and prevent complications. Related StoriesJohns Hopkins members to become honored with American Academy of Nursing's Fellows recognitionSt.

‘Opponents of reform possess repeatedly attacked injured patients and utilized the malpractice issue to hijack the health care debate,’ said AAJ President Anthony Tarricone.’ Four-year-older Cara Leigh Searcy of Scottsville, VA, was one of the 98,000 patients killed by preventable medical mistakes annually. Despite several phone calls to the surgical team from her nurse, Cara was allowed to deteriorate for 16 hours after her breathing difficulty was first identified approximately. Before tomorrow’s summit, please review the following facts about medical negligence and its function in the ongoing healthcare debate. Medical malpractice is addressed in medical care bills already.Medical malpractice is certainly a little %age of overall health care costs.Very few injured patients ever file a medical negligence lawsuit.