14 Feb

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Of the 98 African-born HIV-1-infected sufferers, 87 were effectively subtyped and 95 % of these were contaminated with non-B subtypes. Seven different subtypes were identified, all in keeping with strains endemic to the individuals’ parts of birth. Of the non-African HIV-1-infected patients, 25 were subtyped and all were infected with subtype B successfully. The researchers think that their results underestimate the prevalence of non-B subtypes in Minnesota because recent immigrants are not as likely than assimilated immigrants to have access to the American health care system. Since their estimates derive from patients from healthcare facilities solely, they missed recent immigrants with HIV infection probably.Lastly, we want the marketplace size to shrink and become directed towards the patients that really need to use antibiotics. In this respect, the present marketing system can not work and a new business model needs to be composed where return on investment is usually disconnected from the volume of sales, to ensure sustainability. We have to find a better method to preserve these valuable drugs. What changes need to be made to the way antibiotics are prescribed? We need a new, controlled way of distributing and prescribing these medications, but without anyone being denied access to the medications.