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28 May

3SBio obtains ex-China global rights to Apexigens anti-TNF mAb technology 3SBio Inc.

3SBio obtains ex-China global rights to Apexigen’s anti-TNF mAb technology 3SBio Inc ., , a respected China-based biotechnology company focused on researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing biopharmaceutical products, today announced that it offers acquired the ex-China global privileges to Apexigen's anti-TNF monoclonal antibody technology. 3SBio previously acquired the China privileges from Apexigen in 2006. 3SBio's anti-TNF mAb, designated SSS07, offers completed pre-clinical tests and demonstrated higher potency compared to the best-known available TNF inhibitors, including adalimumab and infliximab, potentially improving treatment options for patients with rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory illnesses. Read More

16 May

The dinner was followed by a lively auction carried out by Jamie Nivens of Sothebys.

19th annual EJAF Academy Awards Viewing Party raises nearly $4 million to fight HIV/AIDS The 19th annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Looking at Party hosted by Sir Elton John and David Furnish raised almost $4 million for the fight against HIV/AIDS. The dinner was followed by a lively auction carried out by Jamie Nivens of Sotheby’s. Following a auction, Florence + The Machine got the stage to perform several tracks including her hit YOUR DOG Days are Over . Nearly 20 years later, the Hollywood community is certainly standing with Sir Elton John still, showing their support for the Foundation which worthy cause. Read More

30 Apr

Accuray receives shareholders acceptance to acquire TomoTherapy Accuray Included.

News Centre reports . This article was reprinted from with permission from the Henry J. Kaiser Family members Foundation. Kaiser Health News, an editorially independent information service, is an application of the Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonpartisan health care policy research business unaffiliated with Kaiser Permanente.. Accuray receives shareholders acceptance to acquire TomoTherapy Accuray Included , a worldwide leader in neuro-scientific radiosurgery, announced today that TomoTherapy shareholders possess approved the proposed acquisition of TomoTherapy Integrated by Accuray. A lot more than 98 % of votes cast and 79 % of shares excellent were voted and only the transaction. The ongoing businesses anticipate the closing of the transaction will occur within one to two business days, assuming all the customary closing conditions are met. Read More

28 Apr

Do you are feeling low because of your hanging stomach muscles en savoir plus?

5 useful ideas to reduce belly fat Each morning when you wake and check out the mirror in your bedroom up, do you are feeling low because of your hanging stomach muscles? Do you believe the excess unwanted fat accumulation in your tummy is certainly stopping you from putting on your favorite pair of clothes? Do you feel unfortunate when you see additional wearing the clothes of your choice within an attractive manner? Well, all of this can be taken care of if you pay just a little attention about your wellbeing. You can enjoy one hour glass figure too if you spend some time every day to take care of your body en savoir plus . Read More

28 Mar

000 Americans are unaware they are living with HIV.

HIV testing is not routinely included in physicals and women should talk to their health care providers about testing choices. It is better to learn one’s HIV position and make use of the treatments available than to discover when the disease has progressed and can be more difficult to control.’ Sponsored by the National Association of individuals with AIDS, NHTD aims to attain millions of People in america with the message that ‘it’s better to understand.’ The message is particularly targeted at populations in which the incidence of HIV infection remains high, such as African American and Latino communities; adolescents; youthful homosexual, bisexual, and transgendered guys; women of childbearing age; and people who inject drugs. Read More

21 Mar

This can be one of the commonest symptoms of bowel cancer tumor.

Data demonstrates British women under 45 are twice as likely to possess visited their GP over a given time period than men in the same age group. Factors like childbirth and gynaecological examinations mean females often face potentially embarrassing situations earlier than men and have to confront and get over these issues earlier in life. I’d encourage all men to keep yourself updated what’s normal for them and to discover their GP if they’re experiencing any health issues. Usually, symptoms turn out not to be caused by cancer. However, an early cancer medical diagnosis ensures all treatment options are available which can help to improve the outcome. Weighting was applied to the data to bring it in line with nationwide profiles. For further information on Cancer Analysis UK’s Man Alive marketing campaign visit.. Read More

27 Feb

AACN CSI Academy represents a considerable investment by AACN later on of nursing.

AACN selects seven Pennsylvania hospitals to participate in nurse leadership training program The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses selects seven Pennsylvania hospitals as the newest participants in its hospital-based nurse leadership and innovation training curriculum. AACN Clinical Scene Investigator Academy is designed to empower bedside nurses as clinician leaders and transformation brokers whose initiatives measurably enhance the quality of patient care with bottom-line effect to a healthcare facility. As the just nursing excellence and leadership skill-building program that provides hospitals with both educational programming and grant funds to support project implementation, AACN CSI Academy represents a considerable investment by AACN later on of nursing . Read More

22 Feb

10 rules to prevent child drownings Summer has arrived.

10 rules to prevent child drownings Summer has arrived, and UCLA emergency physicians wish to remind parents how to prevent drownings and water-immersion accidental injuries involving children. These unfortunate and heart-wrenching events many occur in the summertime months often, which are filled up with water actions. In Los Angeles County, during June approximately 70 % of child drownings occur, July and August, according to the LA County Department of Wellness Services sulbutiamine tablets . Many of these tragic occasions occur in personal backyard swimming pools. Read More

18 Feb

Africa not on track to halve poverty by 2015 arcalion et depression.

Africa not on track to halve poverty by 2015, Economic Commission for Africa head says U arcalion et depression .N. Economic Commission for Africa Executive Secretary Abdoulie Janneh said the global economic downturn will keep Africa from conference the Millennium Development Objective of halving poverty by 2015, Reuters reports. According to the news service, Africa was regarded as generally insulated against the most severe effects of the global overall economy but saw healthy growth projections slashed due to the crisis. The global financial meltdown has affected development in Africa, with dire effects for African countries to lessen poverty, Janneh said at the joint ECA/Africa Union meeting this week in Lilongwe, Malawi. Read More

18 Feb

AFER and Pfizer Ophthalmics initiate awards recognizing the achievements of Dr.

Pfizer Ophthalmics is assisting the awards through a donation to AFER. Up to the three annual awards will be presented for another a decade at the ARVO Annual Getting together with beginning in Might 2010. AFER is definitely proud to have the possibility to honor early career researchers because of their achievements through the AFER/Pfizer Ophthalmics Translational Research Awards, added Gary Abrams, MD, Chairman of AFER’s Board of Governors. Read More

15 Feb

Says Kullo Iftikhar.

Related StoriesResearch shows a lot more than 30,000 women die from cardiovascular disease in UKNew 3D imaging technology lets experts look at earliest signs of heart diseaseAggressive blood circulation pressure treatment can reduce risks of heart disease and deathThe analysis found that study participants with stiffer arteries also got a larger presence and amount of calcium in the coronary arteries, an indicator of coronary atherosclerosis . Previous research showed aPWV predicts coronary disease in older adults, but the association of aPWV and the amount of coronary artery calcium in the general population has been unknown, Dr. Kullo says. The association between artery stiffness and CAC strengthens the entire case for using aPWV as a screening tool, such as in adults with moderate risk, people that have a family history of heart disease, patients with high blood pressure, and the ones with kidney disease, Dr. Read More

21 Jan

New viruses would still infect people drugstore.

Imagine if pandemics could be forecast by infectious disease researchers the way that bad weather could be tracked by meteorologists. New viruses would still infect people, but the cost of monitoring the emergence of these novel pathogens would be far less than the expense of dealing with a worldwide outbreak. They argue that the expense of systematically looking for those new infections would pale in comparison to the approximated $16 billion another epidemic such as SARS could cost drugstore . That epidemic, which were only available in China in 2003 after a coronavirus carried by palm and bats civets began infecting humans, eventually killed more than 700 people and spread to 37 countries worldwide. Read More

21 Jan

3 Potential Little Cell Lung Cancer Symptoms There are two main types of lung cancer.

Most of the symptoms of little cell lung tumor are from the upper body. Although the above symptoms aren’t exclusive to SCLC, they do act as early indicators usually. If you notice the symptoms talked about above you should inform your physician right away. They will be in a position to investigate any suspicious coughs or spontaneous upper body pains and determine if they are connected to SCLC. This kind of cancer is much even more treatable in the first stages so it makes sense to act on any potential symptoms early and proceed see your doctor. Whilst every purpose has been made to get this to article accurate and educational, it is designed for general information only. Read More

17 Jan

Today announced the commercial availability of Epoprostenol for Injection.

Today announced the commercial availability of Epoprostenol for Injection, an improved formulation of epoprostenol that is stable at room temperature, for the treating primary pulmonary hypertension and pulmonary hypertension associated with scleroderma spectrum of disease in NYHA Class III and Course IV patients. Simultaneously, the ongoing company has launched the chance registry, a multicenter, observational, U.S.-based registry that may provide additional scientific experience on individuals being treated with Epoprostenol for Injection. Read More

15 Jan

In the February issue of the American Journal of Roentgenology according to a report published.

The scholarly study, performed at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, included a complete of 32,659 gadolinium-based contrast injections for MRI examinations. ‘A total of 51 acute adverse reactions occurred in 50 patients, accounting for 0.16 % of most administrations,’ said Abujudeh. The majority of the reactions that did occur were mild including nausea, vomiting, headaches, and dizziness. Six moderate and two severe reactions did occur However. ‘In our study, acute adverse reactions were rare. Nonetheless it is still important that radiologists and patients be aware of the risks linked to the use of gadolinium-based contrast agents, those associated with NSF especially,’ said Abujudeh.. Read More

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