10 Dec

AHF joins breakthrough study for HIV control Yesterday A report published in Science.

‘It really is only through collaborative study that those folks in the HIV/Helps fight will be able to conquer the obstacles to worldwide HIV control and eventually eradicate the disease.’ Relating to a news release announcing the report’s publication: ‘It has been known for nearly two decades that a small minority – about one in 300 – of individuals contaminated with HIV are naturally able to suppress viral replication with their disease fighting capability, keeping viral load at extremely low levels.This finding, together with the report of a much lower risk of hemorrhagic stroke with dabigatran in comparison with warfarin,20 shows that reduced amount of intracranial bleeding will become probably the most important benefits of the newer oral antithrombotic medications over supplement K antagonist therapy. To evaluate the net benefit of apixaban, we used a composite result that included ischemic events and main bleeding. The rate of this outcome was reduced with apixaban in comparison with aspirin . Both major ischemic and bleeding occasions raise the risk of death. In this study, the death rate with apixaban as compared with aspirin was reduced by 1 %age stage each year .